Rachel Rainbow

Hello beautiful woman, I’m Rachel :) As co-founder and co-CEO of Rise Gatherings, I am driven by my desire to create brave spaces for women to be more of who they are and gather to support and celebrate one another. 

I’ve done what many women have bravely done - taken what I’ve been through and turned it into fuel to make a better world. I started my career in fitness as a way to learn how to better care for myself. I established Fitness with Rachel as a platform to share inspiration and knowledge about the body and mind and went on to develop my own movement method, Kettlebell Kundalini. I taught group classes and workshops in the Philadelphia area and became a top instructor on the international fitness platform OMFIT.

I became fascinated with the human body and its intersection with how we experience life as I set out on the successive phase of my career as a somatic therapy practitioner. As this field is only beginning to gain ground, I am excited to be at the forefront of addressing root causes of chronic conditions through body-oriented healing modalities. I currently run a virtual and in-person practice in Fort Washington, PA where I reside with my beautiful Rainbow family; my wife, our 3 kids, dog and cat.

Throughout my own career of launching and growing endeavors, other women were coming to me seeking insight on how to begin or build their own business. Creative development coaching and leveling up brands has become one of my passions and witnessing female entrepreneur's growth and impact continues to fuel me and Rise Gatherings.

My own journey has been one with many unanticipated twists and turns, like I’m sure all of you. I have experienced divorce, motherhood, owning my sexuality and gender fluidity, blending a family and the list will go on. Through it all, I have used my story and skills as fuel to continuously co-create Rise Gatherings. Women need spaces to explore and express themselves through all stages of life and we are committed to providing just that for you. 

The Dream Team

There are many wonderful women working behind the scenes to bring every Rise Gatherings experience to life with real passion!


Tami Astorino, M.Ed.

Hello! I’m Tami, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Rise Gatherings, retreat experiences for women. My path to this moment started in my childhood in Madison Wisconsin. I grew up as the oldest of 4 children with two busy working parents. This birth order was formative, as I became someone who is calm amongst chaos, enjoys managing many projects, tries to find meaning in the busy moments of our lives, and loves to lead people on their path.

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Jill Severino

Jill is a former special education teacher and co-creator of Harvest Happy, her passion project she co-owns with her daughter. A Rise Gatherings alumnus, Jill keeps things running behind the scenes.




Diana Hochman

Diana nurtures Rise Gathering’s partnership with Days for Girls; an organization that empowers girls and women with access to menstrual care and education. She currently works with immigrant children and is passionate about traveling, spending time with her nephews, volunteering, hiking, and photography.




Abi Tasker

Abi has worked within the digital world for around 10 years now, living the hectic London life. Enjoying the vibrancy, the buzz, and the culture. She worked with some huge corporate clients, and embraced the male-dominated world of corporate digital communications. However, becoming a yoga teacher, looking more inward, and listening to the desire for adventure, she pressed the parachute button and made it over to the Island of the Gods, Bali. Here she balances the slow island life, with a passionate love for all things digital, supporting clients where there's genuine connection and a match of purpose